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At St Mary MacKillop we are committed to providing opportunities for growth and development for all members of our community.

Religious Education and Community Involvement

Our Religious Education program, based on the Catholic Education Diocese of Parramatta Religious Education curriculum, fosters Christian values in the Catholic tradition and is reflected in our teaching and actions. We provide opportunities for all members of our school community to develop their personal spirituality through prayer, reflection and celebration.

The St Mary MacKillop community also supports charitable organisations within our local and distant communities through works of peace and justice.

Building Healthy Relationships

Restorative Practices were formulated by Real Justice, an international non-profit organisation with one specific goal in mind: to support and facilitate the building of healthy relationships. It has been proven that when individuals live in healthy and life-giving relationships with significant others, there is personal growth, capacity for character building and a high achievement in all areas of endeavour.

Key to St Mary MacKillop Primary's role in education is the centrality of our Catholic tradition. By naming this process of interaction the 'MacKillop Model', we are conscious of the place of Mary MacKillop in our lives. She was inspired by the capacity of individuals to lift and drive themselves when they were given the opportunity to be released from ignorance and poverty. Our world today is not so much afflicted by material but emotional, relational and psychological poverty.

To this end, Restorative Practices provide us with the capacity to restore much of what we know intuitively to be sound judgement and practice.

Commitment to Curriculum

The development of the St Mary MacKillop Primary Learning goals has a specific focus on the contemporary learning needs of our students, the learning environment, the use of data and student feedback, the Quality Teaching Framework and assessment and planning.

Our aim is to challenge each child to reach their full potential by exploring and developing their unique gifts and talents. We do this by:

  • evaluating current teaching and learning practices across all subjects for all students, including those with special needs
  • developing and using culturally-rich and engaging activities
  • providing opportunities for staff professional development to support all students in their learning
  • providing students with a wide variety of extracurricular activities.

So Much More

We committed to providing opportunities for growth and development for all members of our community, whether it be socially, spiritually or academically. We work to provide all students with a wealth of opportunities, pushing each individual to do their very best.

This includes, but is not limited to:

  • a quality Catholic education from Kindergarten to Year 6
  • innovative and professional teaching based on the latest educational practices
  • a commitment to improving the learning outcomes of all students
  • a restorative practice program for student wellbeing
  • gifted & talented and learning support programs integrated into all classes
  • the latest technology including interactive whiteboards, laptop computers, iPods, and digital cameras/recorders
  • well resourced educational, flexible and creative learning spaces, library and sporting fields
    a wide range of co-curricular activities for students including music, sport, student leadership and creative arts